Deluxe AC Room

We have categorised our rooms in terms of space within, view from the windows and the occupant capacity - we have a total 6 deluxe AC room which can accommodate two adults or two adults with a single kid. The rooms face the garden lawn so one can have a blissful stay apart, we provide all the facilities and amenities required such as wardrobe, shower kit, television set, sitting area, ventilation, air-conditioner to maintain the temperature and staff for room service and maintenance.

Super Deluxe Room

The most spacious and premium rooms are the super deluxe rooms which are spacious enough to accommodate four elders or two elders with kids, the rooms have a separate sitting area with sofa and center table, windows facing the garden and mountains. There are a total 2 rooms in the super deluxe category where the amenities and facilities are almost the same - wardrobe, dressing mirror, shower kit, air-conditioner, ventilation windows, staff for room services and maintenance. These rooms define luxury so well that each penny paid for it would feel worthy and the feel of comfort will make your stay happy and blissful.